What kind of game is Stranded Cats?
Stranded Cats is a multiplayer (split-screen) adventure game for the Commodore 64.

What is the game about?
You play as 2 cats that have crash-landed on an island with their ship. The goal of the game is to find materials to fix your ship and leave the island. The materials are found in boxes scattered around the island. Each player can carry a maximum of 5 materials but you can drop them off at any time at your ship. You'll also come across monsters that you have to defeat.

Who's working on the game?
I'm doing everything myself!

Can I already play the game?
A demo is currently available as an exclusive reward for Premium Supporters (€ 5/month) on Patreon. The full version will eventually be available on

What features are planned for the full version?
A bigger map (at least 120 screens, compared to 60 in the demo), more enemy types, more collectibles, sound and music, a proper intro screen, and much more.

When will the full version be released?
It'll still take a while to finish the game, so I can't announce a release date at the moment.

How can I contact you for more info?
You can always contact me on social media (preferred) or via email (see website for all links).

Download Stranded Cats (Demo) on Patreon
Watch Gameplay Video on YouTube
Download Screenshots