Thanks for your interest in a commission!

Take your time to read all the info below. When you're ready or have additional questions you can contact me by sending me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Alternatively, you can email me at commissions@siegfriedcroes.com (I'll do my best to reply within 1-2 business days, be sure to check your spam folder if it takes longer).

Things I can make

All of these can either be static or fully animated. I'm also always open to try new things so if what you need is not in this list (and not in the "things I won't make" section below) feel free to still contact me.

Things I won't make

The process

Examples & prices

Every commission is unique so all prices below are estimates and the price of yours might differ (depending on canvas size, how much design work there is, amount of detail, animation complexity, etc.).

Also note that all prices are in Euros, the prices in USD is a rounded conversion that might change depending on the current exchange rate. Check Google for an up-to-date conversion of my prices in Euros to your currency.


Time of completion

Terms of use

By ordering a commission you agree to the following terms: